Networking & Infrastructure

Platinum™ IP3 28RU

Large Enterprise Routing

Platinum™ IP3 is the latest evolution in Imagine Communications’ innovative Platinum router technology, bringing the industry-leading capabilities of the proven routing line to customers with even the largest system requirements.

Like the rest of the acclaimed Platinum line, the large enterprise-scale IP3 router integrates mixed-format video and audio routing, multiviewer functionality, mux/demux, frame sync and advanced I/O options such as MADI and fiber — all within a single, space-saving frame.

Platinum IP3 takes Imagine Communications routing innovation a step further, adding powerful capabilities that deliver real-world benefits:

  • Seamless on-air expansion to matrices beyond 2Kx2K
  • New control paradigm enables hybrid infrastructures — SD, HD, IP
  • Dynamic setup and reconfiguration of system while on air

Offering limitless expansion options, exceptional on-air protection and a path to an IP routing future, Platinum IP3 is future-proofed to support Ultra High Definition (UHD) signals, and is ideal for a range of applications — from Outside Broadcast trucks that require large-scale routing, to multichannel video programming distributors, large national broadcasters or network hubs that require 1,000s of I/O.