Networking & Infrastructure

MXA6800+A4B2D, +A4C2D

Analog Audio Embedders with AES Outputs

The MXA6800+A4B2D/+A4C2D series of analog audio embedders accepts an SDI input and embeds four channels of analog audio into the SDI signal.

Part of the 6800+™ core processing platform, each module provides one SDI output containing the embedded audio, plus two AES outputs, balanced or unbalanced (coaxial), depending upon module version.

The input to the embedder can be selected from any of the analog audio inputs, providing full flexibility in defining the mix or sum of audio embedded into the SDI output, as well as supplied on the additional AES outputs. The configurations of the audio into the embedder and the audio to the AES outputs are independently set and can be different.

The MXA6800+ modules can be controlled manually via card-edge controls, or controlled and monitored via the CCS Navigator™ software application, HTTP web, or third-party SNMP-based control applications.