Networking & Infrastructure

EAS6800+B2A4D, C2A4D

Digital­to­Analog Video and Audio Monitoring

The EAS6800+B2A4D/C2A4D modules are broadcast-quality video and audio digital-to-analog encoders for the 6800+™ core processing platform.

The modules accept one SD-SDI input, synchronize the video and convert into a composite analog output (NTSC, PAL-B, or PAL-M). The modules also accept embedded and discrete AES audio inputs for conversion and output of up to four analog audio channels. Comprehensive video and audio processing capabilities exist via integrated video and audio processors.

The EAS6800+ modules can be can be controlled manually via card-edge controls, or controlled and monitored via the CCS Navigator™ software application, HTTP web browser, or third-party SNMP-based control applications. The modules are Q-SEE™-compliant, allowing for direct thumbnail monitoring when installed in an Ethernet-equipped 6800+ frame.