Networking & Infrastructure

Platinum™ SX Hybrid

Integrated Multiviewer with IP Decode Capability

The Platinum™ SX Hybrid multiviewer is designed for baseband or hybrid applications with monitoring of both traditional baseband video and IP signals. Going beyond the capabilities of conventional multiviewers, the Platinum SX Hybrid offers unrivalled functionality such as baseband and broadband monitoring, integrated test and measurement, remote desktop control via VNC and RSS feeds direct to the display. Integrated within the Platinum router platform, this multiviewer/router solution is built to reduce integration costs by providing a single system solution and enable a more efficient use of space in today’s complex broadcast and A/V monitoring environments.

Available in four chassis sizes (5RU, 9RU, 15RU, 28RU), the Platinum SX Hybrid multiviewer is a scalable solution for monitoring from 32 to 512 baseband sources, with additional IP input capabilities. Output capacity can be expanded by linking the inputs of two frames together using the Platinum distributed input expansion card – increasing the number of multiviewer and/or router outputs. With metadata monitoring, audio metering, rules based alarm management and best in class graphics Platinum SX Hybrid can provide.