Networking & Infrastructure

Platinum™ Predator II-GRF

Dual-Head DVI-I Multi-Image Display

The Platinum™ Predator II-GRF is a computer graphics inputs-only HD multi-image display solution that is ideal for analog and digital PC sources. The system is available with eight DVI-I inputs in a 1RU form factor. It features auto-sensing support for multiple resolutions on DVI-I inputs, easy-to-use editing software, clear onscreen clock and timers, and customizable backgrounds.

Capable of driving two independent displays at HD resolutions from a single system, the Platinum Predator II-GRF allows the display of complex layouts and offers flexible graphical positioning.  This makes it a sophisticated, yet cost-effective multiviewer solution for demanding 24/7 applications in Pro AV, control or situation room systems, and tactical and emergency operations centers.