Selenio™ BNP 2XR, 2XR+

Broadcast Network Processor

Imagine Communications’ Selenio Broadcast Network Processor (BNP) 2XR/2XR+ delivers the industry’s highest density digital video processing solution for grooming, transrating and digital program insertion (DPI). A dedicated unit can be used for emergency alert, operator messaging services and digital graphic overlays. Based on a flexible, scalable and modular platform, the Selenio BNP 2XR/2XR+ simplifies and expedites deployments of advanced video services, simplifies operation and management, and reduces operational and capital costs.

An ideal solution for digital video environments, including digital simulcast, the Selenio BNP 2XR/2XR+ supports a variety of services and applications including standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) digital broadcast, switched digital video, zoned and targeted ad insertion, Enhanced TV (ETV), emergency alert and operator messaging services, digital graphic overlays, program substitution and local channel insertion. Receiving input through its Gigabit Ethernet or ASI interfaces, this advanced product can statistically multiplex hundreds of SD and HD MPEG programs while performing concurrent grooming and digital ad insertion. The Selenio BNP 2XR/2XR+ is fully MPEG-compliant and interoperable with leading cable industry equipment.

The high density of the Selenio BNP 2XR/2XR+ simplifies and facilitates the operation and management of centralized DPI systems by enabling operators to manage multiple ad zones from a single, central location. This simplified and centralized management allows operators to expand and customize ad zones resulting in increased operational revenue.

Note: Differences between BNP2XR and BNP2XR+:

  • The BNP 2XR contains Gigabit Processor-2 (GBP2) and Processor-2 (PROC2) hardware modules
  • The BNP 2XR+ contains Gigabit Processor-3 (GBP3) and Processor-3 (PROC3) hardware modules
  • They have the same functions and capabilities