Edge and Origin Server Software for Streaming

TelurioEdge™ is the next generation of cloud-deployable edge and origin server from Imagine Communications and a key component in our CloudXtream Cloud DVR (cDVR) solution.

A 100% software-based solution, TelurioEdge enables limitless streaming scalability to a wide range of end-user devices — such as smart phones, tablets and set-top-boxes — using standard formats, including Apple® HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Based on state-of-the-art, high-availability web technologies optimized for cache-efficient streaming of live channels, TelurioEdge has the capacity to service many thousands of simultaneous users.

When a client requests an HLS stream, TelurioEdge checks to determine whether the content already exists in the cache and then either streams it to the client or requests the content from other locations. By off-loading the content delivery network and handling the numerous client requests, TelurioEdge enables video service providers to significantly improve client access and experience.