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Landmark™ Analytics

Business Intelligence for Media

Landmark™ Analytics delivers media-centric business intelligence and analysis that consolidates the vast quantities of data stored across your sales, operational and financial systems — unlocking the secrets to buying preferences, workflow efficiencies, cost savings and more. Offering a suite of robust tools, Landmark Analytics empowers your sales, traffic, programming and finance groups to make better data-driven decisions based on information presented through intuitive dashboards, graphics and reports focusing on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your business.

Transform Data to Actionable Information

"Businesses are drowning in data, but starving for insights. Worse, they have no systematic way to consistently turn data into action."  Forrester Research, Digital Insights Are the New Currency of Business study, 2015.

Media companies are challenged to make sense of an explosion of data across the enterprise, to inform decision-making, pinpoint emerging opportunities and bring attention to impending issues — before they happen. Landmark Analytics delivers powerful, easy-to-use data visualization, data mining and predictive analytics tools that transform your data into actionable information, enabling your business to maximize revenue and minimize costs.

Information in Minutes… Not Months

Now you can consolidate data across systems to uncover in seconds information that typically takes your staff days or weeks to compile if at all.  Once a dashboard or report is built, you can reuse it on demand.  In addition, Landmark Analytics enables you to effortlessly analyze workflows, profitability and operations and dig into the data with extensive filtering, drill-downs and graphics. For example, dive into the details of program profitability given acquisition price, operational costs and ad revenue, or assess the true cost of a particular process or workflow to locate bottlenecks and cost points.


  • Unified view across the entire business — with real-time access via mobile, web, portals or automatically delivered by e-mail
  • Media-centric — innate awareness of spots, units, dayparts and more, with more than 200 pre-built, customizable dashboards and standard media reports coupled with 300 reporting metrics
  • Multi-source system — combine multiple sales and traffic systems plus integrate CRM, Excel, ratings, rate cards, rights, operations data and other business information
  • Predictive analytics — identify opportunities earlier and avoid costly make-goods as well as potential revenue misses
  • Intuitive and simple-to-use — easily develop and reuse powerful dashboard, operational and ad-hoc reporting
  • Time and event-triggered push reports, to deliver key information to stakeholders by subscription, time or event (e.g., 105% oversell in Prime)


Quickly view and analyze trends, outliers and areas of underperformance with a complete view across your channels, markets and customers.

  • Manage pacing, inventory and workflow information by multiple metrics, and consolidate information for a holistic view of customers, regions, account managers and more
  • Explore patterns across accounts, channels, regions and sales executives to pinpoint customer issues and sales training opportunities
  • Leverage key spot data, invoice aging, payment history, traffic log and inventory capacity, and incorporate additional third-party software data and ratings services
  • Improve operational efficiencies with easy drill-down into spot and account detail

Read my lips! No new spreadsheets. Landmark Analytics provides group- and station-specific political sales analysis to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid rebates.

  • No need to pull dozens of reports to get what you need – the Landmark Analytics political dashboard provides a single source of information for a variety of political revenue, inventory
  • Set alerts for LUR (lowest unit rate) and revenue goal thresholds
  • Provide access to functional units across the company, with the ability to restrict data by account executive or sales leadership rollups

Landmark Analytics provides tools to rapidly access large quantities of data, and presents it in a meaningful way. The application offers an extensive list of pre-built, customizable dashboards for executive management, sales managers, finance, A/R and account executives to jumpstart your ability to create useful reports immediately upon installation.

  • Schedule distribution based on time, role, threshold and other user-defined rules
  • Use and reuse information and analysis without hours of compiling and recompiling data from different sources
  • Predictive Analysis: Determine patterns and predict trends before issues escalate
    • Avoid the "find out that we lost a customer after they left" syndrome
    • Analyze customer spend for cross-sell
    • Target programs or campaigns using ratings and social media


Landmark Analytics provides complete, media-centric business intelligence with support for multiple report types in a managed or self-service environment. Leverage real-time dashboards and advanced visualizations to identify hidden trends and analyze complex data.

  • Scorecards and dashboards
  • Enterprise reporting
  • OLAP (online analytical processing) reporting for complex calculations, trend analysis and modeling
  • Predictive analysis and data discovery
  • Alerts and proactive notifications based on user-definable metrics including time, job role or business scenario

Delivery and Integrations

Deliver key information to the right person, at the right time, in a format they can easily digest — keeping executives and staff informed wherever they are.

  • Mobile: Build once, deploy everywhere with fully integrated mobile BI, supporting iOS®, Android® and more
  • Web: Zero-footprint web interface
  • E-mail and SharePoint: Embedded, fully functioning dashboards and reports directly from email and intranet sites

Easily import and combine data from multiple data sources including Microsoft Excel®,® and big data repositories. Powerful data mapping capabilities are available to merge and align data across systems.

  • Sales, Traffic and Billing: Connect one or multiple Imagine Communications Sales, Traffic and Billing systems, as well as third-party media business systems
  • Microsoft® Office Integration: Output complex reports directly into Microsoft Excel®, and insert complex dashboards directly into PowerPoint and other Office products
  • Data Sources: A wide variety of data source connectors and integrations are available including Salesforce®, CRM, traffic, accounting, ratings, Excel spreadsheets, Twitter™ and more
  • Portals: Reports/Dashboards seamlessly delivered to internal or external SharePoint® sites, intranets or websites
  • Data Mapper: Easily align data across multiple databases and different source systems to create standard regional and corporate values