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MyImagine Smart Start: IP Launch Kits

Forward thinkers are no longer debating IP – they’re doing it. But navigating the transition isn’t easy.  Or is it?


Introducing MyImagine Smart Start: IP Launch Kits.

Now you can jumpstart your IP journey through self-contained, preconfigured launch kits. Test next-generation workflows in your facility and develop a plan for an IP video infrastructure implementation. And get your staff up to speed on how to design, deploy and operate an IP system.  This is IP made easy. 


  • Enter the IP era using the latest solutions from a leading supplier
  • Demystify IP technology using a small, but fully functional island for a real application
  • Be part of the technology transition from day 1, and learn as you go
  • Lay the foundation for a steadily growing IP layer in your infrastructure
  • Continuously update, adding the latest features following the AIMS roadmap

Learn more about the MyImagine Smart Start: IP Launch Kit that’s right for your business: