• Access an evolutionary path to the cloud — no forklift upgrade required
  • Gain significantly improved economics over current operations
  • Deploy a wider range of revenue-generating services — including TV Everywhere
  • Achieve significant operational efficiencies
  • Keep pace in rapidly evolving industry through more agile, dynamic workflows

Today’s media businesses must be more agile and dynamic than ever before, as the Internet has created a source for many new, competing channels of content outside of the traditional TV model.

How then do media operations meet the evolving expectations of their audiences to access content on an ever-growing range of viewing platforms, while ensuring they are able to quickly and effectively monetize new channels and services for maximum revenue?

Broadcasters and service operators are increasingly looking toward virtualization and the cloud as a more cost-effective, flexible option for the way they manage, deliver and monetize their content and meet consumer demand for multiscreen services.

Imagine Communications has invested in uniquely flexible and scalable cloud-based media and playout solutions that enable customers to launch new channels, expand their audiences and deliver cross-platform services with much less startup and lower capital equipment costs — spanning advertising, traffic and billing, automation and multiservice playout.

More data-driven tools in traffic and billing increase revenues and boost the competitive advantage.  An enhanced level of analytics for real-time advanced advertising allows companies to make faster decisions and further optimizes workflows. Our industry-first, IP-enabled integrated cloud playout platform enables customers to manage their entire video channel operation virtually over public and private clouds to quickly reach new markets, introduce new channels and effortlessly scale to realize new levels of profitability.

Most importantly, our customers can transition to a public or private cloud at their own pace, and maximize existing investments through a hybrid deployment approach, integrating new, virtualized infrastructure with their current on-premises systems.

Want to learn more about how we can help you realize the full benefits of cloud-based operations? We invite you to browse our media library or contact us today!


Industry’s First End-to-End, Cloud-Enabled Distribution and Monetization Platform

The market is full of a la carte solutions for linear, nonlinear and multiscreen content delivery, but the broadcaster or communications service provider who ties it all together and offers today’s lean-forward consumer tomorrow’s PersonalizedTV® experience will be in a position to win.  With CloudXtream™, Imagine Communications is using the power of the cloud to make that possible.

CloudXtream is the industry’s first, comprehensive cloud video platform for content distribution and monetization.  Unlike first-generation solutions, CloudXtream is a unique, unified portfolio of cloud-enabled technologies for both traditional linear and next-generation OTT and TV Everywhere content delivery.  Whatever your video distribution requirements — live, recorded, linear, nonlinear, file-based, streaming, unicast, multicast — CloudXtream enables you to efficiently deliver your content wherever you want it to go and maximize revenue in the process.  

CloudXtream spans the breadth of your current and future distribution requirements, including encoding, just-in-time transcoding and packaging, storage management, advanced advertising, cloud DVR and dynamic ad insertion.  By bringing related video distribution technologies onto one private or public cloud-based platform, CloudXtream is uniquely able to support a common, next-generation PersonalizedTV experience for consumers on any fixed or mobile device.

Learn more about the benefits of CloudXtream in these featured solutions:  CloudXtream Cloud DVR (cDVR) and CloudXtream Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI).