No company has been creating the world’s “what’s-next” media technology longer than Imagine Communications. Multiscreen, OTT, UltraHD — this is the stuff that gets us up every morning. As the way you make and move content continues to change, we continue to envision and invent technology solutions that help you do it more easily, reliably and profitably.



MediaCentral is the industry’s first integrated, end-to-end ad sales, traffic, automation and playout platform that combines key capabilities within a private or public cloud, virtualizing network functions that were previously provided only in distinct, premises-based platforms. Leveraging the best capabilities of our end-to-end portfolio, it creates a powerful and flexible framework of modular, IP-based services that support the integration of media and playout functions such as live log integration, simplifying operations and providing advanced service velocity for operators. These capabilities can be provided across existing and next-generation media and playout for traditional, OTT, or even straight-to-mobile device delivery.
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MultiService SDN™

With our MultiService Software-Defined Network (SDN), our vision is for a unifying architecture that brings all media into the IP layer and separates the media content components from control, enabling Software-Defined Workflows. This scalable, geo-diverse framework protects our customers’ considerable investments in baseband video processing by enabling the coexistence and interoperability of baseband and compressed signals, IP streams and files, dramatically improving the way video is managed through broadcast facilities and providing a seamless and gradual migration to an all-IP world.
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Media providers are increasingly opting to virtualize their products and offer them “in the cloud,” in order to more cost-effectively meet consumer demand for multiscreen services.  We are investing in uniquely flexible and scalable solutions — ranging from standalone products to end-to-end cloud-based workflows — that enable customers to expand their audiences and increase revenue with much less startup and lower capital equipment costs.

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Innovation 4k

UltraHD and Beyond

Sports and live production companies view UltraHD as a compelling way to provide and protect a higher quality level for their premium content.  At the same time, consumer electronics manufacturers are quickly moving to deliver the immersive 4K experience to the home.  We are helping make our customers UltraHD ready by supporting the required content quality and bandwidth throughout the distribution chain.

IP Infrastructure

With the continuing improvement in bandwidth available in even off-the-shelf IT hardware (i.e., 10GE switches), more and more signals are being distributed using a combination of compressed formats and baseband over IP. Leading the IP migration, our vision is to deliver a seamless, multiscreen workflow across our complete portfolio, providing solutions that offer a simple user interface, a common control and monitoring system and support for any combination of baseband, hybrid or fully Software-Defined Network (SDN) topologies.


HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) and ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) Encoding are becoming true enabling technologies in the broadcast and media industry’s desire to efficiently deliver more channels and better quality to any viewing device. We help customers address new OTT opportunities by leveraging emerging compression technologies to enable the reliable distribution of consistently high-quality signals to both traditional and new Web and mobile devices — regardless of changing network usage dynamics.